Quin [k-win]

(noun) 1. Advertiser/Marketer  (noun) 2.  Runner (noun) 3. Climber  (verb) 4. to entertain (verb) 5. to obtain a state of optimal delusion, usually resulting in spending an unplanned night in the woods.




Istambul, 2012

Istambul, 2012

Currently in the management track in the Advertising Program at Brigham Young University, with a minor in Visual Arts. I have worked on Ad accounts as a Research Developer and Account Planner. My minor in Visual Arts has allowed me to better understand creativity, art and especially design.

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Finish of the Wasatch 100 2013 Photo Credit: Cameron Bell

Finish of the Wasatch 100 2013 Photo Credit: Cameron Bell

Began Running in 2007 and haven't stopped since. I recently finished the Wasatch 100, a goal that I have had for some years now. I finished the course in 32 hrs 57 min. Earlier this season I was the 8th man at Pocatello 50k, although a shallow field, I was happy to make it in the top ten.

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Little Cottonwood Canyon

Little Cottonwood Canyon

I began climbing when I was 13. Growing up in the Bay Area of California I got to hang out in the Valley in the Summer and Joshua Tree in the winter. Now that Utah is home, I feel most at home on the granite of Little Cottonwood Canyon.

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Video Editor

Artist & Designer


Video Editor for  Relax the Back

Video Editor for

Relax the Back

Art and Design

Art and Design


Not the fastest guy on the mountain, I still frequent Gad Valley and Peruvian up in the greatest canyon on Earth.